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After the dentist zzz. The 1st trip to the dentist may have been exciting... but it caught up with her.








Ok I was wrong. Just two teeth needed pulled.  Thankful. She points out the tooth now missing. Friday at FC dental clinic the second one comes out (baby tooth). You have to be blind to not see we found a treasure. Sadly her parents were... Blind... To their abandoned treasure.  The 1st trip in her life to the dentist was a success.








First Dentist

First time at the dentist. Obviously this is a before shot. Liza thought two needed pulled. I looked and see four!








Milk does a body good... This morning we head to the dentist. (Liza has a couple rotting molars). While eating breakfast we see several street kids on the OUTSIDE looking in... After eating at McDo on the way home she asks... Can we give my friends some food tomorrow? Until now her life has been a quest for survival... Now she's INSIDE looking out and wants to help others... A most valuable lesson for us ALL to learn. "How to help others less fortunate than ourselves."








Another Friend

Another friend made on my morning walks. A Cancer survivor... 7 years old who has survived chemo and the loss of one kidney. Every morning we greet each other and she enjoys coming to FC. Another treasure... To cherish...







Every week, sharing from the garden.







Dragon Flower2

It takes time to grow a Dragon Fruit from seed. From the time we first put the seed in the ground it's been about 5 years. Now we begin to see the fruit of our efforts... Note, The same is true working with kids... 19 years we've been investing in their lives in this town... We believe & pray the fruit will last for a long, long time..








Dragon Flower

It takes time to grow a Dragon Fruit from seed. From the time we first put the seed in the ground it's been about 5 years. Now we begin to see the fruit of our efforts... Note, The same is true working with kids... 19 years we've been investing in their lives in this town... We believe & pray the fruit will last for a long, long time...


























When you are a shepherd you still see the one though there are many. We love these precious friends.








Ripping HeartRipping my heart...
Last night someone dropped some money into my PayPal for Liza. ( You know who you are.) This morning over breakfast..." Listening to this 13 year olds story...it Ripped at my heart.Things that should NOT be...

Her: Mama ran away taking 1 baby sister with her, papa and aunt got together and had more babies. When she was about 11 Aunt got angry took firewood beat her and tried to push her into the well. Aunt choked her younger brother tried to also push him into the well ((or maybe succeeded, not clear on that) was listening as my friend helped me to talk with her in her dialect.)) She fled her home & lives now on the streets. Her former home is many hours from here. She avoids the government drop in shelter, shows skin rashes and infections & said she picked them up from there... Dirty and bugs in the beds etc. Knows it's dangerous on the street, she says "rape is a danger." No sandals... Stolen. Only has what she wears. Pays from her begging to take a shower. Only one set of clothes, without laundry detergent the clothes are smelling very ripe. She only took one sachet of shampoo knowing that she had nowhere to store additional. She wants to go to school & dreams one day of becoming a teacher. She has a short arm, it's a birth defect, yet she's still able to use both hands. Was very interested in seeing the map we Googled of her home area.

We talked with her of opportunities we could work to provide for her, a better future, if she chose that path. A home, school and a future... Maybe... Tomorrow or possibly this evening she will come get a change of clothes, shower and perhaps chose to stay the night in safety... We will see. We offered, welcoming, open hands, and heart we are not a prison. We respect her... Love her. We've offered others before... Some allow us to help... Some NOT.

Spending Ourselves... It goes without saying, "I've been blessed with a wonderful spouse that has been willing to partner & travel this path with me...









Three Things you may not know...


#1 Gumamela is a beautiful flower or perhaps better known other places as the Hibiscus... The scientific name means China Rose. It is also EDIBLE and can be used in a salad as long as it hasn't been sprayed with insecticide which we prefer not to do... And WOW can it dress up an otherwise boring SALAD... I'm working to grow many of them in various colors...

#2 Language study is LIKE eating ice cream for Sandy Crogh Blatchley, she enjoys it very much. For me language study is an ongoing CHALLENGE, I prefer to do it via usage and not as class work... adding new words as I encounter them. In Cebuano (the local dialect) the word 'iring' which sounds like 'ear ring' is the translation of the english word for CAT. When our three sons were small we told them that wearing ear rings was not allowed for our sons. It was one of those basic family rules, like I was taught RULES as a child. For example, "Don't run with scissors in your hand." They didn't and neither did I. Now here is a permissible picture of a guy wearing ear rings... Lol

#3 From what I understand the biggest NUT in the world is the... Coconut which we have lots of here and they are very good to eat including drinking the coconut juice inside... Mmm good








The young ladies Sandy Crogh Blatchley had in her girls camp, went with me on a walk to McDo for breakfast... Singing many songs to people along the road. Here's one sample, "I've Got a Home in Heaven..." (In Cebuano) PS They think I'm a pretty good cook LOL - Hot cakes with peanut butter, sprinkled with chocolate chips & topped with strawberry syrup, and a cup of hot chocolate...  (We brought the extra toppings)










My SweetheartMy sweetheart Sandy Crogh Blatchley and I were at Angel's Debut. Some find it humorous that I call Sandy my sweetheart and some try to correct me that she's my wife. I agree with them she is my wife but I never changed my mind that when I married my sweetheart... She still remains my sweetheart...










DebutDebut1Angel honored me by calling me her second father... At her recent Debut (coming of age party (age 18)) Angel Concon had me dance with her as 1 of the 18 men (or bachelor's). She also asked me to speak to those attending and to speak into her life as her second father. It was a privilege to take part in this important ceremony. Having lived in Davao City for the past 19 years we have seen many young people come to Family Circus and love it when we see them grow up to live productive lives. We pray the best for Angel as she walks out her dreams... May you never forget your Creator & your family & friends and may you have a life as beautiful as your heart... Uncle Darrell & Aunt Sandy






Nanay Nina SmileMillion Dollar - Smile. Grandma Nina loves her new teeth. The old ones were destroyed in the fire. Thank you for helping!! (You know who!)  PS Another elderly grandma noticed her smiling and said to her with sincerity, "Wow you look beautiful!" (My paraphrase since it was in Cebuano)









Three Days old Baby3 days old this tiny baby is with mommy at Family Circus. But I might add the baby has already been attending regularly with mommy for many weeks/months. During pregnancy we supply daily meals to many mothers in order to help make sure the little ones (& mother) have essential vitamins and nutrition. Note the little stamp imprinted on babies wrist is an clip art of Aunt Sandy which also entitles mama to receive free vegetables just harvested from the garden. So much fun being part of a VERY large family. (We will be in the USA July - Sept. Still have a few open spots on the calendar for to visit. If interested pls message or email.








Life's a Great Adventure... On my morning walk, I stopped and prayed with about three precious grandma's. One of them very near the door of heaven... Lola Evipha, has difficulty walking and after praying I asked if their was anything we might help her with. She said, that her knee was giving making it difficult to walk but if she could get a walker it would be much easier. Going back to FC I passed the message on to Richard and he found one... And the job was completed very quickly...

Working with kids we have the privilege of being a father to the fatherless, and teaching them things that their father (were he living) would be doing himself... yet in his absence... We are instructed to step in and help... Richard Lim is a great example of someone who loves to mentor and teach the younger guys. Richard is normally quiet, though he has a great sense of humor and a fierce spirit of competition. We often play Foosball together and we make the ball fly... What a wonderful friend. He's teaching the younger guys how to clean and fix things so that they don't get trashed... On the way to pass this freshly cleaned and oiled walker to Lola Evipha (age 68) Uncle Darrell (as I'm frequently called) has to ham it up. Grandma comes to the door, and with a smile and a prayer she takes ownership of the walker that will provide her with the mobility she has so much been wanting. We have so much fun out of life when we share with others... PS Don't ask what that funny smell is coming up from the water flowing under my feet... "There is nothing funny about that smell..." It is what it is... We are in the most crowded part of this city of about 2 million souls and many homes don't all septic tanks...
Spending Ourselves and loving the Adventure..








Dentist2014What do you get out of going to church? Lol Few I suspect go expecting to have a needle stuck in them BUT many who go to church come away feeling worse & even in pain for their trip because of some who profess to know God yet simply don't know how to Love one another like God loves us. This young lady will likely be back at Family Circus this weekend with a big smile... Because she knows she is loved enough for someone to care even for her toothache. Thank you God for sending Doc Joy and her family to help!







I had no idea this was going to happen TODAY... Just had a tug in my spirit the past few days to be ready to help the fire victims again... For the past two mornings the young ladies from this weeks Youth Camp (with my sweetheart Sandy & team) have been walking the streets and singing Scripture songs & praying for the sick during their walk with me to McDo for breakfast. These young ladies make me so proud of them... Singing with joy for anyone to hear... Can't get much more beautiful than that... This morning on our walk we saw people setting up a new tent city opposite Family Circus at the park. We see this as a God opportunity to be a good neighbor.


This happened TODAY! The Public School's where many families had sought refuge after the disastrous fire last month needed to evacuate so the schools could get ready... The fire impacted families still have no homes to go to so the mayor's relocating some of them to the park right next to Family Circus. Temporary housing was being set up this morning by the families. Our Family Circus guys were quick to begin figuring out ways to help in any way possible such as providing tarp, wood, wire, lights, (water) food, etc. Our men have building skills to help the families construct temporary structures. (Duration of their stay is unknown...) We've been having rain off and on so for the safety and health of the children anything we can do ASAP is a big help. What a great opportunity for ministry. We've already installed 150 KVA generator (Thanks to STL). Crime rates are way up (reports of 45% increase in robbery) due to extended brownouts but installing lights for at night will be a BIG help. Please keep them and us in your prayers!" So much fun & as we help, the kids join in and even if a 2 or 3 year old child holding a hammer isn't of much help it does bring a smile and that's a BIG help... There are different levels of need. We really target those who have the most limited resources. Like helping grandpa and his wife, working their hardest to put up a simple shelter about 7 - 8' square three walls and a tarp roof building even in the rain. By nightfall we were able to double its size. They've lost virtually all their lives investment, as far as their home and much of everything else that was burned up in the fire.

We are focusing on providing some basic needs such as lights, drinking water, and tarps to protect them from the elements. Then soon will come other needs such as school supplies especially for the children as school is about to start again.
We were able to install and run about a dozen 7 watt LED light bulbs which helped and tomorrow we will work to grid off and cover as much of the park and the homes (outside area for safety) with lights at night. Also looking at how best to supply drinking water to this new village that has landed at our door step... The very basics which they don't have... Do we take for granted our blessings? They were very thankful, even though we had to quit tonight before the job was done. We'll be back at it in the morning. What started as an almost empty park this morning, is tonight filling up with families... As my Boss once asked, "Who do you think is the good neighbor...?" Many of you can look in the mirror and find a good neighbor staring back... We couldn't do it without you... Spending Ourselves









Creativity... not a problem with my sweetheart Aunt Sandy The beautiful young ladies are having a lot of fun in the girls camp, learning important lessons, with good food & fun... For some if not most of them it was the first time in their life they had a squirt gun fight... That included some on our team...  The camp concludes in about 24 hours and for those who know how to pray we ask you to do so that the Lord will visit one and all with His presence... Making memories...








Girls Camp1Girls Camp2Girls Camp3Girls Camp4

She's so full of 'Creativity.' Sandy Crogh Blatchley and her team, are doing a wonderful job with the FC Camp for Girls... It has a powerful theme which is good for all ages but if learned as a child it will help them for life. For the next three days, she would be very thankful if you would hold them up in prayer as they teach the young ladies..





Heart of a childIn everyone of us is often hidden the heart of a child... This young man is one of our kids. Coming to Family Circus is fun and for many it is likely one of the most enjoyable places for them to come to each week. A hot meal is served before the service which helps them to focus on the dramatized services. If they are malnourished (Yes he is) they get to take home a daily meal for the rest of the week.








David as AngelFLYING HOME after a "Short term mission trips..." I know there has been much debate on that subject figuring in the costs involved versus the benefits. When someone comes with a right heart (A servants heart) a short term missions trip can be worth the investment.
As I write this David Hill is FLYING back to the states... This was his second trip out to visit and help us at Family Circus from Florida. What a blessing. The kids at Family Circus enjoyed his having been here the past three weeks... We don't post on this Timeline everyone that comes for a short visit but I thought the picture was great for the subject...








I dont like thisI don't like doing this... Writing too much at one time... Yet there is so much that is heavy in my heart... Sunday a grand/mother came to us in desperation and tears... Asking us, "Is there somewhere I can take these 5 children (her grandkids) to be adopted... I don't have enough food for them, nor enough resources to give them a future nor to care for their immediate needs, school supplies, clothing etc." Her grandkids all five of them have been totally abandoned into her care and she's desperate to try to do something so that they might live and have a future..." Sandy Crogh Blatchley holds grandmas hand as she grips tight while pouring out her heart. We do know of a friend who has an orphanage but it is NOT always the best solution. I personally think, keeping the children intact and with a godly family member is far better if at all possible. So we prayed with her and we will search for those with compassion who might be willing to share some from their surplus to make it possible that this grandma might be able to receive 'enough' to keep her grandkids with her and not be forced to say goodbye. If they were adopted out and separated they would likely no longer even know their own siblings, and I'm aware of this governments requirements on adopting a child out and it is not a system that I'd want to drop my grandkids into. I once was there (at the age of four) and thank God that I was not separated from my two sisters... when life took an unexpected turn.
The receipt to a better future for this godly grandmother & her grandkids is for us to Love one another as He has loved us... Is anything really more difficult than that???






A child ask1A child ask2A child ask3A child ask4A child ask5A child ask6

A child asks, "Oh Mama, my tooth hurts can I go to Family Circus early Sunday to get my teeth taken care of?"
QUESTION: What does good shepherd do to take care of their lambs?...
ANSWER: Whatever it takes... & we do our best...
Six AM Sunday morning the line was already forming outside the Family Circus gate as families were waiting in line for the dentist to come... From the time the dentist arrived until 10:30 AM a steady stream of patients (more than 100) were treated at the tent. Yes, there's no hiding the fact that there was some PAIN, yet there will be less PAIN now that the problem was treated. Thanks to Doc Joy and her family for giving their time with no charge... to help these kids. She's one of those unsung hero's. She literally turned down our honorarium, and said, they were doing it for the Lord! Thanks many times over from all of us at Family Circus..








Yesterday... Another TROPHY!++ That's what I call every worn-out pair of sandals that we swap-out for a new pair... I've kept a few of them... LOL! Yep I save some of them like some people save their trophies & medals... In this case most people would look at MY TROPHY (a worn-out pair of sandals) and think, "WHAT?? It's GARBAGE... THROW IT OUT!" Yet there are many pairs I've saved, as a reminder of this FACT!... (I remember taking some children's worn out sandals to the USA and someone bought a pair of old sandals from me for about $80! They took the trophy home and trusted me to take the $80 back here and with it I bought about 200+ pairs to give to the needy! What kind of trophies are you collecting?

We are so blessed... We used to say to a close friend... "Shhh don't tell anyone, but we love what we do so much we'd pay to do it ourselves, if we had the resources..." Now that we are grandparents and have followed our 'parents' instructions (especially Moms words of financial advice) over the past nearly 40 years we are in the place financially that we don't personally need the resources that were required to raise our children, for schooling etc... So we CAN & DO live on much less which allows us to release more to those who are in greater need. Today it was my blessing to take three 'fatherless' young boys to McDo for breakfast... Along our walk they got to see how a father might walk... You see I'm an example to them of their father who was killed a few years ago in the line of duty as he served his City as a Public Servant. It is a FACT that God likes for us to be THAT kind of an EXAMPLE to the 'Fatherless."
What kind of lessons did my MOM teach me that helped make it possible for us to LIVE on LESS?

#1. MOM said, "Son, now that you are an adult and leaving home, I recommend for you to DO what I SAY, though unfortunately NOT what we have DONE." She said, "Son CONTINUE to give to God what is God's, his tithe and offerings. Minimum, 10%+, then take an additional 10% out of your income and & SET IT ASIDE TO PAY YOURSELF (in Reserve where it can collect interest) so that one day when you are my age you will have ENOUGH... to help yourself when you have NO income... Son if you do that when you are my age YOU WILL THANK ME for these words..." So true MOM, we followed your instructions and I say, "Thanks Mom!"
The thanks don't stop there either... So many have enabled us to walk this path. God called us, We said, "Yes." And MANY have made the sacrifices to send us! Thanks! Do we have enough to meet the needs of the thousands of children we touch each week... Seriously, "No!" We still need more help... If you have extra and want to share and invest in the lives of the children we can help channel it to some of the least of these. Not for ourselves... For them..






The Day Fater1The Day Fater2The Day Fater3The Day Fater4The Day Fater5The Day Fater6

The day after... the Dragon-fruit flower is wilted... (Give it 45 days & it should be ready to eat... But "Oh how our garden is growing!" Sitting by the edge of the fish pond for about 30 minutes this mooring talking to Daniel who is helping us in the garden for this time. Relaxing to hear the water running and see the fish in the pond and then... Walking through the garden... the Kale is doing very well. Ah the pineapple, we can hardly wait to try it out... Looks so sweet. The gardens here grow 12 months out of the year.

On my morning walks to McDo I get to talk to many of the neighbors between here and there. Anymore it seems like I'm only using wheels a couple times a week not like before we moved here & now our home is next to the Circus tent. Before it seemed like I was having to go drive/ride and travel so much of the time. Walking puts me into their world and brings my neighbors into mine. So many treasures are found on my walk... like little Princess Twelve who now has her own FC picture I.D. just like about 8,000 other Family Circus children and family members who also find their way to The Family Circus tent. Treasures one and all... Like Lola (Grandma) Filipina age 64... I generally greet her each morning either in front of her little home, sometimes treating her to a cup of (refilled) coffee from McDo... Yesterday it was hotcakes and a cup of hot chocolate to add to the breakfast she was already eating of rice and a few small sardine like fish... and almost every morning we'll bow our head and thank the good Lord for life, friends and for each other... Life is too short to spend it complaining... We've been given a wonderful opportunity to live... Let's make the most of it...







Dragon fruit fragrance

Dragon fruit it has a delicate citrus fragrance. Mmm







Please... Indulge me for just a moment... I really like gardening and creating food especially for feeding the hungry... That can include myself... Nothing beats vegetables/fruit picked fresh from your own garden...

Today Richard Lim discovered one of our Dragon fruit plants was producing a flower and was getting ready to blossom. Tonight after dark it bloomed... Wow! Such a beautiful flower. It will start to die in just a few hours. By tomorrow it will be just a wilted shadow of tonights beauty... That's the way the Creator designed it... In 45 days baring an accident it should become a delicious & healthy to eat Dragon fruit...
Our Creator designed us in a similar manner... We are here on this planet for a short time and then we too disappear... Like a vapor that vanishes. Yet what beauty can be displayed during our brief lifespan... Beauty from those who reflect the creators love & who live out their lives as designed by the Master Creator. Spending ourselves..







today's newspaper1today's newspaper2today's newspaper3today's newspaper4

Todays Newspaper reports that the daily power outages in Davao City will starting today be increased up to 7.5 hours daily (5 hours at peak time & 2.5 hours at night) and even possibly higher... (Due to water shortages in the dams).
It also reports that crime has recently risen 45% due to the daily Blackouts (AKA Brownouts).

In devotions this week I referred to how some people are getting angry about the failure of City Government & or Power-Company to fix the problem... Or put simply they are cursing the darkness... which in turn generates additional problems for themselves. In contrast I challenged us to chooses a different path by lighting a candle instead of getting angry... Or to make it an adventure for our children and perhaps go purchase a solar light if it is financially feasible. (One solar light adequate for a small home/room about $8).

A little over a month ago we began replacing our less efficient lights with brighter long life LED lights. All around the FC Campus and including outside our property we've been shining light... Signs are now posted... "SMILE you are on CCTV camera..." We have the cameras placed around the FC property for the safety of the thousands of kids that come to Family Circus each week... Amazing some of the responses when we ask, "Who dun it...? And often everyone says, "Not me!" Then we replay the camera and the surprise when the guilty person is revealed... The response is sometimes a guilty laugh, and a comment such as... "I didn't know..." or in denial... "That's not me!" These responses can be MORE traumatic to even include crying etc. Yet THERE IS COMING A DAY when we will ALL, stand in front of the playback of our lives when all that was hidden will be revealed... For those who did good, it will likely bring happy tears and joy as the Creator says, "Well done good and faithful servant." How many of us, if we knew we were being viewed on camera, would modify our behavior? An honest answer would be, "Just about ALL of us..."

These Brownouts are the most severe that we have experienced in the past 19 years... Yet at Family Circus we are very thankful for STL (Speed the Light) and their donation of a powerful 150 KVA generator. We've had it in place several years because we were preparing for future power failures... How many fail to 'PLAN AHEAD?' As a result when the darkness falls they get angry and curse the darkness.

Instead of getting angry and being afraid of the darkness we need to be prepared and work to Shine the Light... Our neighbors say thanks, and they report that the drug runners are not able to use the areas where our lights are shining... Jesus said, "I am the Light of the World, anyone who comes to Him and believes in Him will not walk in darkness..." When we find the Light it is also our responsibility to Shine the Light... Spending Ourselves..







Daniel MI don't think my friend Daniel will mind me posting this... Last month our son Darrell Blatchley & I rescued Daniel (an alcoholic) from a local jail. He was there due to actions while drunk that put his family at risk... While in the jail he began drying out (becoming sober). Since then he's not touched a drop of alcohol... He's thankful for the privilege to stay at FC. He's able to eat well (FOOD also is tasting good), he feels better than he has in a LONG time (he's beginning to feel again). Working in the Family Circus garden, fishponds and being involved in projects to help others has given him a renewed lease on life. In a couple weeks his family will discuss his future, based upon his progress and choices... Again it's all about loving... "You can give without loving BUT... You can't love without giving." Spending ourselves...





Grandma Ida

Grandma Ida... We often meet up on my morning walks to McDo. Each time we greet each other & before we part I pray for her. Yesterday she mentioned it was her birthday today. She's 57 born in 1957... One year younger than yours truly... Her health is not good yet I keep reminding and asking the Greatest Physician to please make a house call to touch & heal Grandma Ida...













David Hill

David is a hard worker. Came out to visit and help any way possible. Thank you David!






Two beautiful Ladies

Two beautiful ladies... A few days ago Amalia had six of her top teeth removed, today she is celebrating her new smile... No need to show the before and after... She is simply beautiful... Again thanks to a friends who care and made it possible.










Sandy Crogh Blatchley is getting ready for some more fun times with the kids... Some of these plaster molds are vintage... They've lasted a long time...
Reminds me of children, with good training the returns last forever. Smile...





Grandma Nina1Grandma Nina2

Grandma Nina, Last month fire burned up her teeth. Unseen friends from far away are paying to replace them... Grandma Nina was sitting in Doc Joy's dental chair this morning getting fitted for her new teeth... (Special thanks to Dr Joy and for her volunteering to also assist FC kids this Sunday) Later this week we plan to post Grandmas new picture...






If I could play a piano like this... Yet each one of us CAN do something... Let's do IT the best of our ability with a SMILE... Life is too short to waste with less than our best...








Im on an island

I'm on an island... sitting and thinking about friends near and far that I love to share time with... thank you for being one of them!







HeartacheHeartache... People know our heart for the children, and they come to us for assistance for their children, even friends of friends who we've never met. My heart aches for the families with needs way beyond our capacity to help BUT God...
This afternoon a family came in, their son is in the hospital yet they have already exhausted their resources and since they are not residents of our town where the good hospital is they are not covered by the city governments assistance fund. In this case the family is desperately looking everywhere for someone who can help for the surgery needs to insert the intestines into their child... With aching hearts we prayed for them and sent them on their way back to the hospital with no financial assistance... A few minutes later my sweetheart Sandy Crogh Blatchley came to me and said she'd received a repayment of a personal loan and that she had $40+ that could go to cover the immediate needs of medicine for the child's pneumonia. So we text the family and they are coming back... When God starts something we find He is more than capable of completing it... Trusting & praying...







Everyday We face this

Every day we face this. Tonight we ate a hamburger... Yes at McDo a few blocks from our home, and when we walked out a 12 year old girl (very thin) Liza with the broken 'permanently' disfigured arm (short of a financial & medical miracle), greeted us with a smile... She would make a wonderful sister or child in any family...








Walk the talk1Walk the talk2Walk the talk3Walk the talk4WALK the TALK... What that means to me is the difference between being plastic or real. Every morning shortly after six the neighbors see this 6' white hair grandpa walking through the neighborhood to eat breakfast. I stop along the way to greet many as they are about their daily duties. Some sweeping in front of their homes. Some hanging the laundry on an available fence. Others preparing or eating their breakfast and some just chatting with their neighbors. The kids, most of them recognize me and shout, "Uncle Darrell" and run to greet me with a blessing, little (14 month old) Princess may toddle over and give me a kiss on the cheek and reach for my cell phone to get her daily selfie... Most of the tricycle drivers will greet me sometime we joke back and forth... creating friendships... Princess and her mom and now some of her neighbors have started coming regularly to Family Circus. We are friends due to a little 14 month old child and her mama... One dear elderly lady, so thin, will greet me and often tear up as she looks at me then finds a bench where together we can sit down and she asks me to pray for her... I often wrap my arm around her shoulder and simple sit there and ask Jesus to touch her. She touches my heart deeply... So lonely... I look for her every morning. This white hair grandpa also knows how to cry...

No we can't help everyone, yet we can give them a smile, or share a tear, 'yes' even wrap our arms around them and let them know we care and that we have a friend who can help them when life seems to be impossible... My BF is Jesus... He loves these people so very very much even more than me and I love them a lot... I'm not able to help nor give to every request/need but... We can listen and become friends to many of them. Especially if they are willing for us to be their friend, and most are. We may be one of the few who will be able to show them 'Jesus'.

As I return home I ponder in my heart some of those I see, like the young man sleeping on the sidewalk... Wondering if I may be able to be a more significant person in his life. Asking myself and my BF what more can I do... for him. This week we took in an alcoholic father, 1 year younger than me who has sons not yet in their teens. He'd been drunk almost solid for what? More than a year? Smokes cigarettes almost every waking hour of the day. He was in jail, and dried out when we volunteered to give him a a place to stay to see if he would stay sober or if not his family would put a restraining order on him and even possibly have him imprisoned for his actions while drunk... He's thankfully sober now, still needs his caffeine. Hopefully we can see a significant heart change. No guarantees but especially for the sake of his two son's we are offering him a place of refuge for a 'Last chance.'





Daily Walk1Daily Walk2Daily Walk3Daily Walk4Daily Walk5

I love the daily walks to McDo through the crowded neighborhood. Our friend Don just came from Denver to visit us for a week. The things he sees are what we experience on a daily basis. Heart wrenching stories of children's lives, often things that should never happen. As we walked to McDo we saw a young 12 year old girl sleeping alone on the sidewalk. It appeared her arm had once been broken and never set so it was twisted, and scarcely useable. After talking to her (She said her name is Liza) we bought her breakfast which was received with a BIG smile! We also prayed with her and let her know when she needs and wants our help we will be waiting... And we mean it! At McDo 17 year old Michael (no pic) was waiting and hoping for breakfast. I looked at him and very seriously asked him, "Have you been smoking? If you have then I'm not buying..." He answered "No." So he joined us for breakfast. (I've earned the right and his respect to speak into his life... He's fatherless... A block down the road on our way back a man approached me and asked for special assistance to buy med's to help his child suffering from Asma to breathe. He had a new Nebulizer tube but no money for the prescriptions for the med's. He'd been walking and told me he had just told God he didn't know what he could do since he had no money to help his child. I immediately prayed for his child & then reached in my pocket and gave him the money $5-6 for the medicine and he walked away weeping and wiping his tears of thankfulness. A couple blocks away a thin elderly women approached and for the 3rd or 4th day in a row asked me to pray for her pain and heart. As I placed my hand on her shoulder and prayed she also was overcome by tears of thankfulness. As we approached another home built above the canal (flowing sewer - it is what it is) I knelt at the doorway and little 1 year old Princess came running to greet her recently adopted white haired Uncle Darrell. How privileged we are to spend ourselves... My tears were happy tears...







This Morning1this Morning2

This morning... Standing on the sea shore near our home... Seeing the handiwork & beauty of the world. It shouts out to me... "Do you see your Creators fingerprints?" Then with sadness I see what we have done with His gift... Would there beĀ so much poverty if those who have more than they need would share? One of those children sleeping on the sidewalk woke up and though she is deaf she smiled and thanked me for giving her what I had in my hand... a cup of coffee. Which in turn she shared with the others...







Smile for New teethLola Nina, a widow and a Beautiful lady... An extremely hard worker... (Never one to sit by idly.) Thankful... even though her life has been hard. The fire that took her home about 11 days ago brought her to tears... but not for long. Soon she was back to singing and thanking God for his continued blessings. Her son was a seaman, traveling for long periods of time before she would see him. He would always send her monthly support. About two years ago the support abruptly stopped and Nina knows he is dead, or else he would have contacted her. This week, Lola pointed into her mouth and told me that she really misses her false teeth. She said, "They were burnt up in the fire." Determined to help her in any way we can, we've been pricing around and have bartered the dentist down to about $250 which is still a lot on our stretched budget. I asked her how she was ever able to get them in the first place and she said, "My son got them for me..." I can't hardly write that without tearing up... Tight budget or not... She's going to get new teeth...







Tough LoveTough love... Michael (spends most his time on the street) and I have over 10 years of friendship with him. I've shared with him on many mornings, words of encouragement over hot cakes at McDo. This morning we saw each other through the window of McDo. We met at the door as I was getting ready to leave. As with any teen he was hungry and was expecting and hoping for a meal, my normal gift for him. Only this morning it didn't happen... Instead I said, "Sorry Michael... You've got more money than I do... I've seen you smoking and if you have money for that you have enough to buy your own breakfast." That wasn't the message he hoped to hear. Yet as his friend we've talked many times of his responsibility and that his choices will either bring good or bad results. He knows that Smoking is a choice... No one put a gun to his head and said take a puff. I did give him a cup of coffee and we parted with the words... See you tomorrow. Yes, he's still my friend... Wrong choices are like investments. Some choices cost and some choices pay good returns. For Michael I try to be like the father he's never had..








Playing with kidsHundreds of children in our neighborhood have lost their homes this past week. They now live in whatever shelters they or their parents can find, while trying to protect what remains from the thieves 'PREDATORS' who are serving their FATHER & it's not God. Yet in the midst of loss we find the children still can smile... While huddled in a culvert with a group of the children who had lost their homes they joined me in singing of their FUTURE home that will never be destroyed... They sang in their dialect, "I've got a home in Heaven...











Big PlanBig Plan2

We had planned to make a BIG batch of popcorn and show a video to the children and families who are camping out under the basketball covered court. BUT the Barangay Captain said he's having a REAL problem & asked us not to show the movie as thieves are using every distraction to steal from the families that have lost their homes.







Adjusting to Change1Adjusting to Change2Adjusting to Change3Adjusting to Change4

Adjusting to changes... One week later... Thousands of our not too distant neighbors are now living in makeshift camps, covered basketball courts and the public schools. We're thankful to be here for such a time as this. Sharing food & buckets of blessings from friends who care. Tonight we plan on going a fee blocks away to one of those covered courts and sitting & sharing while watching a video and eating fresh popped popcorn. Praying for the sick and for those who simply want prayer. So many feeling overwhelmed... We know 'Who' can help and we love joining hands with Him. Grandma Nina is enjoying her new safe house at the FC tent. Your prayers greatly appreciated both for the fire victims and those who are here helping to supply TLC. (Tender Loving Care) we do get weary at times, in well doing...







Looking sadly1Looking sadly2( annaluna)Looking sadly3( Bedtime)Looking sadly4(Nanay Nina new Home)

I've stood near the ocean shore looking sadly over the burned homes. It's sobering and as happens, at times the tears are not far away... Since last Friday's fire we have had a few of the refugees staying in the Family Circus tent. Like operating a 'rescue boat' we have to be careful not to overload it, to take into consideration the needs of our team & family, who participate in the caregiving. "Compassion Fatigue" is a very real thing and when people have big hearts, they still have to take time to recharge... The refugees (We call them our friends and family.) came from the burned area that destroyed 3,400++ homes (in or near our neighborhood). Up to 20 some children, a widow, young nursing mother and her young ones, and a grandma stayed with us in the tent. Last night two of us took the 8 PM - 6 AM shift w/Andy (see pic) slept like a baby. Lol. I was finally able to sleep after midnight. What a blessing to watch over these children similar to how the Good Shepherd watches over us. It was a great learning curve for me. A reminder of what living conditions are like in their world on a daily basis. How blessed and spoiled I feel to have a safe, comfortable and under populated bedroom to call our own. I confess to being tired this morning having been awake watching till about 2 AM. Safety of those under our care is very important. Mattresses were placed on the tent stage and the mattress I was on was laid down last and it was bigger than most of the mattresses of the kids and it quietly became like a dog-pile around me which is the norm for many of the kids (minus the mattress) who live in small one-room shacks with up to 9+- siblings and their 1 or 2 parents and often extended family. This was the first night I took the shift and several wanted to sleep near me or should I say near enough to kick and elbow me in their sleep... I think the fire has that impact - traumatizes with loss... A seven year old little girl Annaluna, was like my puppy Chrioni who also spent the night out there near me. Chrioni sat next to me all night and watched carefully over everyone seeking my attention once when alarmed at first not knowing it was our son Darrell Blatchley coming by at 2 AM making his rounds checking to see if everything was OK. Chrioni is a Sheltie and he has the "Sheepdog" traits that are good with children. Earlier I gave the little girl, Annaluna a Barbie Doll, (The doll had been given to me by other children in the USA - for such a time as this.) I watched Annaluna take her doll with a big smile and hug, and then she took her small blessing box of clothing etc., and she dumped her folded clothes out of the box & one by one refolded them to make sure everything was there. The impact and trauma of the loss of their home and the disruption of her life is so evident even in those little actions. As she slept, without waking she scratched her itchy skin (Likely due to earlier days of swimming in the polluted ocean near the shore by her home (now a pile of ashes)). About every 5 minutes she would scratch and I found sleep difficult being aware of any sound or noise... Grandma (what a precious friend) also had difficulty falling asleep (I know she really misses her destroyed home). In addition like many of us as we get older she had the call of nature frequently and... Lol... Whatever... life is what it is... We are building her a room to stay in at the tent until her home is rebuilt or as long as she needs & wants to stay here. (*Picture of small room w/multicolored window is grandma's room in progress.) We used our money and borrowed some to help those whose homes have been destroyed. I know God will and is replenishing what we've spent... So thankful for those sharing finances and praying for the families. Hearts are being touched to assist us help those impacted by the fire for which we are so grateful..








Nanay NinaDancing with Grandma... It was a long day... More laughter than tears... Though there was plenty of both (laughter and tears). We concluded the day in the circus tent with a wonderful love cooked meal, with dear friends and refugees from the distraction of the fire. My sweetheart Sandy Crogh Blatchley also made homemade chocolate chip cookies. Then we watched a fun cartoon video while the laundry was getting done. Concluded with a good night prayer and a great nights rest.
This morning we are getting the kids together... similar to herding kittens... Lol. 84 year old Grandma was happy to have survived to another day, reached for my hand and we did a waltz while singing. "You are my sunshine..." Well, when you are a survivor you find there are so many things to give thanks for. Blessings my friends, it's time for hotcakes at McDo topped with peanut butter, chocolate chips & strawberry syrup. A great start for a new day, dancing with grandma...






Piapi Fire1Piapi Fire2(Annalie)Piapi Fire3(Annalie)Piapi Fire4(Annalie)

Went to bed without a clue... Disaster was about to strike! That describes us and our neighborhood. Sandy Crogh Blatchley & I haven't advertised that this year we chose to move to Family Circus to live in order to not pay rent & use the funds to better help the children. About 10 PM we began hearing fire sirens (2nd night in a row). We saw the fire blazing in our neighborhood and ran to get out flashlight's and limited disaster gear. Long story short the next few hours were spent rescuing families, widows & children from the fire. So thankful to God for safety as we brought back to the circus tent many children & elderly that have lost their homes. Memories from last night have been burned into our memory... Helping a young widow gather a few items in desperation before fleeing to safety. Her three children joined us to find refuge in the circus tent. Our son Darrell Blatchley literally walked through the fire on burning embers to carry a man to safety who was trapped while trying to rescue his dogs. Andy Caudle stood guard while a severely handicapped man shook in fear. Richard Lim saved a dear grandmothers life by carrying her out of the fire. So many more heroic stories... Now it's morning... We hadn't planned for all this but we are going to get them breakfast and see what we can do to help them face this new day of loss & find a way to bless them. The young widow Annalee chose to spend the night sleeping at the roadside with her elderly father an a few others of her family guarding their few remaining belongings. We had the privilege of tucking her precious 3 children into bed early this morning at the tent. Now it's 6 AM and the kids are getting up... Breakfast next... Wish you were here...











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Family Circus Children’s Ministry was created by Assembly of God Church missionaries Darrell and Sandy Blatchley in 1993 to produce high impact and joyful methods of presenting the Gospel (#1) to children and (#2) to their families. 


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Each week five to six thousand people of all ages attend the Family Circus church services held under the ‘Big Top’, a big circus tent pitched in the center of the densely populated “Muslim Friendship Village in Davao City, Mindanao City, PHILIPPINES. Approximately 4,000 of the 6,000 member congregation are children- half of which are malnourished.  More than 1,000 are adults.