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Darrell and Sandy Blatchley  Family Circus Children’s Ministries
Philippine Address: PO Box 80542  -  8000 Davao City, Philippines
Phone (63)(82)305-1529 - familycircus@agmd.org

 Website updated: 04/02/12

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Want to Help? 

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"Jesus loves the little children..." especially the least of these. They are His priority, and we who love Jesus, are often so confused in our priorities that we neglect those who He considers the greatest in His Kingdom.


Almost 1 million kids live in our town, Davao City.

Coke has a goal, "that everyone in the world will taste Coke." It's our goal that before another year passes 1% of the children in Davao will come to Family Circus each week and will have accepted Jesus. That's 10,000 kids each week.

Our next goal is that 10% of the kids in Davao come to know Jesus and attend services each week. That's 100,000 kids. That's a start - and we'll get there as quick as God will enable us.


Does it line up with His desire? I sure believe so.


When we reach 10%, should we stop?


Someone told me today that it's not about numbers. If you were in that number, would you think your number counted? Since Heaven & Hell are real, "That none be lost" should be our goal. We all need to work to increase the harvest saved and reduce the harvest lost.


We are getting ready to build the church for these kids.


If you'd like to help it's going to cost about $300,000 and we are praying for 300 people to help us at $1,000 each. We'll be spending $1,000 for about 80 dump truck loads of 500 meters of fill. When that is finished there will be more.


I'm praying that we can build the wall and put up the roof before Christmas. It will take about $25,000 to do that.


Pray with us. We know this is where God wants us. Some people want to live near the sound of a chapel bell. We would rather be a step away from hell. Our prayer is that we can turn these kids back to Heaven's gates. So far about 52 have joined with us to build for the kids.

In it for the King & His kids,

Darrell and Sandy Blatchley

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5.  Monthly or One-Time Standard Mail contributions may be mailed to the home

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Assembly of God Church

      Darrell & Sandy Blatchley

      Family Circus Children’s Ministry #2150654

      Assemblies of God

      1445 Boonville Avenue

      Springfield, MO 65802 USA


6.   Automatic Monthly Contributions

      Automatic monthly contributions for Darrell & Sandy Blatchley’s Family Circus Children’s Ministry may be accomplished by using an Authorization Agreement Form.  Upon mailing or faxing the form to the General Council of the Assemblies of God Contributor Services Department, your credit card will automatically be charged the designated amount on the 20th of each month. 



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      Payette, Idaho 83661

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God Bless You for your prayerful support!

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This is the

Family Circus . . .

Adonis sitting
Baking room
Forklift container
Former gas tank area

Please pray for Darrell & Sandy, and the team. God grant them sufficient:

  • Strength,
  • Energy,
  • Wisdom,
  • Knowledge,
  • Discernment,
  • Peace, and
  • Joy - unspeakable and full of Glory!!

Pray for food - spiritual and physical - sufficient to help with the needs of those attending Family Circus.


Pray for supplies, building materials, permits, etc. for current and future needs of Family Circus.


Pray for health and safety for all those involved in the Family Circus mission outreach.

Family Circus Children’s Ministry was created by Assembly of God Church missionaries Darrell and Sandy Blatchley in 1993 to produce high impact and joyful methods of presenting the Gospel (#1) to children and (#2) to their families. 


The purpose of the Family Circus is to bring the life and joy of Jesus, combining both discipleship and evangelism, to reach lost children, while ministering to the needs of the child, both spiritual and physical.


Each week five to six thousand people of all ages attend the Family Circus church services held under the ‘Big Top’, a big circus tent pitched in the center of the densely populated “Muslim Friendship Village in Davao City, Mindanao City, PHILIPPINES. Approximately 4,000 of the 6,000 member congregation are children- half of which are malnourished.  More than 1,000 are adults.