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Spring 2009


Report - 4/14/2009


Hi friends,

The following was also mentioned in the

     Recently we became aware through the immigration department of about 7 other foreigners who have been using Family Circus and a friend’s orphanage to obtain missionary visas apparently to obtain donations.

     They took pictures of the kids and yet were not involved in the ministry, nor did they give any funds they may have raised for the children to the ministry.

     It’s too bad there are people who would do that and we all need to watch out and be aware there are wolves out there in sheep’s clothing.


For the King & His kids,

Darrell & Sandy Blatchley

update sent a few days ago.

The following is a current need. The Joaquin family, owners of the property being purchased for the Family Circus Children’s ministry center, in the Muslim Friendship Village – Davao City, contacted us a few days ago. Their request is that we make a $27,000 payment ASAP (the month of April) due to dire needs in their family. Even if only a partial as early as next week, with the remainder later in the month.

We gave them $1,000 yesterday, not because we had extra funds, but because we know their need and believe God will provide. The families daughter (a Muslim) said, “We were sent by God.” (So true…)

These dear people have been very generous to us knowing that we love the poor and their children. We know they would not ask if it were not a valid need. Please pray and if you can help us, in advance we say, “Thank you so very much.”

For the King & His kids,
Darrell & Sandy Blatchley

See Map of property purchases below.




Report - 1/19/2009


Dear friends,

Narrow marginsIn December a ten ton forklift unloaded the oven, proofer, and mixer and other heavy items including the 40’ container arriving from Builders International. There were no major difficulties, though the margins to extract the items were narrow :0). What a great job they all did to pack and put it together. How thankful we are to the Lord and all those who made this happen!

The mixer is still on the dolly (see pictures). We will be using a pulley system to place it on the floor. (Too heavy and Mixer awkward to pick it up manually). The rest of the cafeteria at this point is overflowing with the items from the container.

A few months ago we explored the prospect of using the area behind the bakery *(see original plans) designated for a 6’ concrete pad for the gas tanks, etc and suggested the possibility of expanding that area an additional 6’ as an additional room for the oven and proofer. We emphasized that if it was not acceptable for the proofer and oven we could use the room for storage. Approximately $5,500 in materials were Bakery Layout donated from a local missions group for the additional wall, flooring, and roofing materials. The room, 12.5’ wide, contains a restroom in the rear and plans for a personal locker for the workers.


Since September, our monthly balance in Work #00 Funds through December is zero. The 3rd Qtr report Work #00 Balance was in deficit. This reflects the extra expenses from property payments, taxes, securing the building in preparation for the container, additional custom fees for the container, and the ongoing process of completing the security fence around the property.


We were working with operation funds in the black but, due to extenuating circumstances, we extended ourselves to secure the building and property making an additional $21,000 property payment right before Christmas. Approximately $100,000 is outstanding on the property plus taxes.

We’ve been focusing in on securing the building, putting in conduit, roofing, completing the restrooms, finishing wall, the walk-in coolers, and laying tiles, including previously purchased tiles. The past few weeks we’ve been working on completing the concrete security fence and entrance gate in front of the cafeteria/property (see picture).

The cafeteria had some unsecured areas such as the open stairwell. One night we had up to 8” of rain and you can imagine the swimming pool the next morning. The stairwell was temporarily covered with 2nd hand roofing sheets. We’ve been working on a steel roof over the bakery to eliminate the problem of water entering the building through the stairwell. At the same time, it enhances security and enables its future use.
Cafeteria pre-shipment
We have great cause to rejoice. Builders International is the dream God gave to David Wagner and a group of believers and their families and it has been a tremendous blessing on many levels both to the ministry to the children and to our family personally. We thank God for the personal sacrifice they have made and the prayers to help make it possible to expand the ministry to the children. There are so many layers to the assistance they have given us. The personal encouragement, friendship, prayers, and time given so generously to share the needs of the children. We are eternally grateful. Eternity will show the impact of the blessing you have been to the Family Circus Children’s ministry.

Front sercurity fenceFor the King & His kids,

Darrell & Sandy Blatchley – Davao City PHILIPPINES
Family Circus Children’s ministry

P.S.  Please notice more pictures in the right page

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Report - 12/16/2008

Kids in the tent Hello, friends.
In my last Update, I mentioned our finding weapons, and that our young people were being threatened by gang activities.

It’s interesting the fear that is inspired in the hearts of concerned relatives when they think of family members going into harms way. This is true of war and many other endeavors. Our family has been in active spiritual warfare for many years. We’ve received threats – death threats. The enemy does not like what we are doing and would like to stop us. But we are here to pass on “Good News of great joy that will be for all the people" (young and old). We are feeding the hungry and caring for the poor. Yet there are still those who do not like it. What do we do? Continue doing good.

It’s been documented innumerable times that people will go to any length to save or protect their loved ones in harms way.

Jesus said, “Love one another as I have loved you.” When Christ’s love compels us, “danger to oneself” takes on a different perspective. When we live knowing that our lives both now and the future are in His hands, fear takes it’s proper place. Oh, yes, I want to go to Heaven… only not today. To go today would be selfish when there are millions dying, some of whom by God’s grace we might be instrumental in leading to safety.

If you have a friend or relative here visiting or assisting us in ministry, remember, they are following their hearts. I do not claim we live or minister in a location where no harm can be done. This world--as well documented on 9/11--is a dangerous world. However, I can claim that anyone coming to minister in this location, in the center of God’s will, is in the safest place on this planet. As my father has said, “It’s even safer than the best hospital in town.”

For the King and His kids!
Darrell and Sandy Blatchley



Report - 12/6/2008
Hello, friends.

Taken to church Here’s a short quiz: What do kids take to church?

    A.   Glue – 
    B.   Ice picks – 
    C.   Butcher knives –
    D.   All of the above.

Unfortunately ‘D’--“All of the above”--is the correct answer.

‘A’ is the adhesive glue that kills their hunger. It’s cheaper than food, and lasts longer. A five peso bottle of Rugby (glue), will last for a couple weeks in killing the hunger where 5 pesos or 10 cents will only buy enough food to last for a short period of time and then the hunger returns.

The Family Circus bakery/cafeteria is nearly operational. This will help us address the needs of the hungry, malnourished children. We still lack some essential items, a transformer, electrical wiring, water tanks, and gas hookups. (Please pray with us.)

 ‘B’ & ‘C’ are for self protection and for settling gang-related fights. During a service a few days ago, we removed a big butcher knife from a teenager. The week before, another young person had a long ice pick (12”+) confiscated.

We know that is not normal in most church services, yet if we want to minister to children living in poverty, we must be prepared for the dangers included. It’s similar to going through the airport check in services. A small percentage of travelers intend to hurt people, yet to provide security there must be searches. We haven’t yet purchased a metal security wand, but we are looking for one. Our first line of defense is prayer, and we ask you to please join us in this battle.

We have advance information that a gang is coming to services this week with various weapons. This weekend's target is another gang that also attends our services. The informant explained to us that we are not the target, just the other gang of kids.

Police assist We’ve had a strong police presence for the past two weeks, and it looks like they may become a permanent part of our church services. Lives are being changed.

How would you feel if a nine year old threatened to kill you and your husband or wife? Maybe you have had that happen to you. That’s what happened to us last week. Warfare? Yes! Thanks for praying.

 As you may know, every week, in addition to the two services in the Circus tent, we also hold services under a covered basketball court next to the ocean.

About 650 – 750 kids and family members attend. A couple weeks ago, for seven nights our friends held evangelistic rallies on that basketball court. Upon arriving the second night, they were told that someone was stabbed to death, and the blood was not yet dry.

Further investigation revealed that two brothers had a fight. The younger was washing dishes and the older swatted him in the head, angering the younger, who grabbed an ice pick and stabbed the older (ages 10 – 14). The older brother then retaliated by stabbing his younger brother with a knife. The younger was taken to the hospital, but the older died on the spot. The older brother attended the service the night before and had signed a Salvation Commitment Card!

* Causing you to think is part of my motivation for writing. I’m not trying to give a pat answer which can often be incorrect. These kids have grown up with violence. It takes time to change one’s habits.

When the God gives us forgiveness it is instantaneous. It’s more than adequate for the past and it’s power covers us in the future. Even as the thief on the cross experienced. It is strong enough to get us to the right destination… The only thing I know capable of separating us from God’s love is if we walk out of His hand.

Did that happen when the two brothers fought? I have a hunch the angry, dying, hurting boy was not willfully rejecting Christ. Instead, I think a life time of reacting to the moment was controlling him…

I’m not God but I am thankful the evening before He did make the important step in the right direction, “Asking Jesus forgiveness for his sins, and to come live inside his heart.” Asking forgiveness opens the door to allow Jesus to enter and gives us a future. When we accept Christ we become as it were a baby in Him. In the same way that babies must learn to walk, so does a new believer. It’s my understanding that our heavenly Father loves His little babies very much…

God, in the same way as an earthly father, does not abandon his love and void His forgiveness for his child if he makes a mistake. Many examples of this are recorded in Scripture including Gods friend, King David who had many dark deeds in his life.

 We’ve a multitude of troubled children who need to be introduced to their heavenly Father so that they might have an opportunity to grow in Him… Our preference is to see them walk tall for the Lord, but when the house is burning down getting them to safety is a critical concern.
We teach the kids as if their lives depend on it… It does.

For the King and His kids!
Darrell and Sandy Blatchley





Family Circus Children’s Ministries

Urgent Needs - Spring 2009






As We Enter 2009 . . .


Hello, friends.


We endeavor to keep you updated on a regular basis, and as your extended hands on the field, we are grateful for your participation in the Great Commission and your enabling us to “feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and to care for the widows and orphans in their time of distress.” If anything were to describe the Family Circus Children’s ministry, those words would prayerfully be most appropriate.


God is doing a wonderful work, and we are requesting to return to the states for a mini-furlough in Mid July – Mid October 2009. Upon approval, if these dates would fit in your calendar, we’d love to schedule services with as many as possible. Due to the short duration, we are open to creative opportunities outside of the regular time slots, including coffee around the table on other than normal church service times.


Current update of ministry:


At present we are completing the construction of a bakery cafeteria. The goal is to provide meals for the thousands of malnourished children who attend our weekly services. The current needs include purchasing a city transformer ($2,500), a generator ($9-10,000) capable of sustaining the electrical needs of the ministry in times of (frequent) power outage, and $4,500 for the wiring and lighting for the cafeteria and the completion of the building proper. *See pictures and the table below.


   (Continued below.)



Family Circus Children's Ministry Projects

and Continuing Needs



Per Time Unit

Cafeteria kitchen equipment - to assist in the feeding of malnourished children

Fryer, Grill, Tables, Compressors for the freezer & refrigerator.




City Transformer.



Food - 1 ton of rice $500 supplies about 2 weeks for the thousand of malnourished children and widows.


Every 2 weeks

10,000 Hot bread rolls.


Each week

10,000 Juice servings.


Each week

Fund needed to supply food for the pantry - Noodles, fruit, vegetables, etc, to supply the kitchen.



School Supplies - $25 will cover 1 year school supplies @ child school uniform, shoes, socks, pencils, erasers sharpeners, glue, paper, etc.


Per child

Per year

Dental supplies - $100 covers 1 week dental care for 200 kids.


Per week

Vitamins $350 = 1 box 25,000 multi-vitamins 5000 kids for five days.


5 days

Gymnasium - covered basketball court - teen ministry center.



Security lights $2500 - 42 lights.



Food carts - Hotdog, French Fryer, Snow cone Machine, Cotton Candy, Noodle Cart - $850 each.


Initial cost with future growth needed.

Convoy of Hope Shipping containers loaded with items needed and shipped for the Family Circus children's ministry - $40,000 – 50.000 value. Freight/customs costs $8500 per 40' container.


Per 40' container.

First Aid Supplies.


Continuing expense.

Tractor - to assist in gardening and construction.



Playground equipment.



Sports Equipment – all kinds, basket balls, badminton, volleyball, table tennis, chess boards, etc.



Slide for the Castle tower – kids going from Adult sanctuary to lower kids area. McDonald’s style Generator 139KVA.



PA system for the Circus Tent.



Lights for the Circus castle and tent.



Four Daylight Video Projectors to use in the circus tent and for Public School Assemblies.



Electric Piano and music instruments.






Property Purchase Update




(Continued from above.)


Also, we have five more lots yet to pay off each with approximately $20k remaining due. This property is in the heart of the Muslim Friendship village of Davao City, Mindanao Island, Philippines, and yes, we are having large numbers of their families and children attending services each week.


In 2009 . . .


We anticipate building a "castle" beginning in March 2009 that will have a 1,000 seat sanctuary for the adults. Currently everyone attending services (approx. 5,000 weekly) join together in the circus tent during the two services. When the castle and cafeteria are complete, the teens and adults will have their own meeting area. The cafeteria, second floor, is planned to be used as a temporary meeting room for the teens until a basketball gym is constructed as a sanctuary for them. This will create a three-cord approach to ministering to the needs of the entire family. Donations for the ongoing construction are welcome. Project #5499


We welcome short term missions groups and building teams to come and assist us in ongoing projects.


In it for the King & His kids,

Darrell & Sandy Blatchley




Status / Remaining











$ 20,625.00


$ 16,125.00








$ 25,000.00


$ 25,000.00


$ 13,750.00








$ 100,500.00







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This is the Family Circus . . .

Adonis sitting
Baking room
Forklift container
Former gas tank area

Family Circus Children’s Ministry was created by Assembly of God Church missionaries Darrell and Sandy Blatchley in 1993 to produce high impact and joyful methods of presenting the Gospel (#1) to children and (#2) to their families. 


The purpose of the Family Circus is to bring the life and joy of Jesus, combining both discipleship and evangelism, to reach lost children, while ministering to the needs of the child, both spiritual and physical.


Each week five to six thousand people of all ages attend the Family Circus church services held under the ‘Big Top’, a big circus tent pitched in the center of the densely populated “Muslim Friendship Village in Davao City, Mindanao City, PHILIPPINES. Approximately 4,000 of the 6,000 member congregation are children- half of which are malnourished.  More than 1,000 are adults.

Please pray for Darrell & Sandy, and the team. God grant them sufficient:

  • Strength,
  • Energy,
  • Wisdom,
  • Knowledge,
  • Discernment,
  • Peace, and
  • Joy - unspeakable and full of Glory!!

Pray for food - spiritual and physical - sufficient to help with the needs of those attending Family Circus.


Pray for supplies, building materials, permits, etc. for current and future needs of Family Circus.


Pray for health and safety for all those involved in the Family Circus mission outreach.