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Darrell and Sandy Blatchley  Family Circus Children’s Ministries
Philippine Address: PO Box 80542  -  8000 Davao City, Philippines
Phone (63)(82)305-1529 - familycircus@agmd.org

 Website updated: 01/30/15

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Since we are rarely in the US, yesterday I spent an hour or so going over a back log of mostly junk mail and bank records. In the process I found a bill my sister Patti Blatchley Yarbrough Grimbly had paid off last year about a year before the payoff was due... & I discovered that after she paid it off the Credit card kept charging us about $39 a month penalty fee since their records indicated we had about $2 of outstanding interest or unpaid penalty due to (unknown to her) the payment being credited after the billing date. The bill then grew to a couple hundred dollars and so I went in to contest it... though I figured it was a futile effort. Long story short... The credit card company discovered their error before I called and they not only had erased all the charges they also gave me a check for $242.97 just in time to purchase materials to start building crates to ship blessings back to the Philippines. It may not seem like a BIG thing to some people BUT I delight in Gods provision!

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This is the

Family Circus . . .

Adonis sitting
Baking room
Forklift container
Former gas tank area

Please pray for Darrell & Sandy, and the team. God grant them sufficient:

  • Strength,
  • Energy,
  • Wisdom,
  • Knowledge,
  • Discernment,
  • Peace, and
  • Joy - unspeakable and full of Glory!!

Pray for food - spiritual and physical - sufficient to help with the needs of those attending Family Circus.


Pray for supplies, building materials, permits, etc. for current and future needs of Family Circus.


Pray for health and safety for all those involved in the Family Circus mission outreach.

Family Circus Children’s Ministry was created by Assembly of God Church missionaries Darrell and Sandy Blatchley in 1993 to produce high impact and joyful methods of presenting the Gospel (#1) to children and (#2) to their families. 


The purpose of the Family Circus is to bring the life and joy of Jesus, combining both discipleship and evangelism, to reach lost children, while ministering to the needs of the child, both spiritual and physical.


Each week five to six thousand people of all ages attend the Family Circus church services held under the ‘Big Top’, a big circus tent pitched in the center of the densely populated “Muslim Friendship Village in Davao City, Mindanao City, PHILIPPINES. Approximately 4,000 of the 6,000 member congregation are children- half of which are malnourished.  More than 1,000 are adults.